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Knowledge Base Article # 107
Setting up an Exchange 2010 account on Microsoft Outlook
This knowledge base article will show you how to setup your Microsoft Exchange 2010 email account on Microsoft Outlook.
Categories:  Microsoft Exchange 2010
Sub-Categories:  Outlook 2010

1) On your desktop, click on Start > Control Panel.

2) Click on the Mail icon to open your Outlook settings.

3) Click on Show profiles.

4) Click on Add.

5) Type your email address as the profile name and then click on OK.

6) Check the box Manually Configure server settings and then click on Next.

7) Select the Microsoft Exchange option and then click on Next.

8) You now need to enter your Microsoft Exchange settings.
In the Microsoft Exchange Server field, enter casarray01.s04.local and make sure Use Cached Exchange Mode is selected.
In the User Name field, enter your e-mail address.

9) Click on More Settings.

10) If a window appears saying “The action cannot be completed. The connection to the Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action”, click on OK.

11) Click on the Connection tab.

12) You are back to the Microsoft Exchange Settings. Make sure the username is correct and click on Check Name.

13) You will get a pop-up window asking for your username and password. Make sure they are both correct and click on OK.

14) If all the steps have been followed correctly, both your name and the Exchange Server will be underlined.

15) Click on Next.

16) Click on Finish.

17) Open Outlook.

18) A dialog box with your e-mail address should appear asking you to enter your password. Enter your password and then click on OK.

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