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High Resolution, Touched Up Product Imagery and Video
Merchandise Photography

When it comes to merchandise photography, there are many variables which are typically overlooked. High resolution for quality printing, low resolution for online use and fast loading times, transparent background PNG files to keep the product images versatile for use on various backgrounds, and adding silhouettes or reflections for depth and enhancement without making the item look too artificial.

Our streamlined photography system integrates with your Clever Spider® online account, allowing automated email notifications when your photography set is being processed, when your images are available to view through your Clever Spider® portal, and also keeps all images archived for future referencing.

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Merchandise Video

In the past year, Clever Spider® has also launched product video services, which allow 3-dimensional rotating videos of your products, showing details and light reflection not typically seen in a 2-dimensional photograph.

Product photography and video are a vital component to a successful and effective online storefront, and statistically play a big role in sales conversions and online consumer engagement. In the end, the picture is what sells the product!

Lifestyle Photography

Product photography is important, and can be a major catalyst in the sale of a product. But sometimes an image is needed for dramatic appeal. To sell the brand as much as the product. From a branding and marketing perspective, lifestyle shots add more emotion and connection to the product, and can be very important to it's success.


Real Estate Photography

In Real Estate, much like other industries, the property photograph may be what brings in a potential buyer or investor. It needs to be true to reality, but put emphasis and enhance the prominent areas that need to be exemplified. This can sometimes be challenging, given the nature of the property, the surrounding area and gaining access to vantage points.

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