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Microsoft Office 365 is an enterprise-level email service that is geared towards email intensive companies, with synchronization across all devices and premium spam and virus filtering. With 365, all of your email messages are synchronize over the air between your desktop, mobile device and web portal. This includes incoming, outgoing and saved emails within folders, and are all stored on the server indefinitely with unlimited storage space and back up.

This prevents any vulnerabilities in losing your email history should your local computer crash or get a virus, and allows all your email history to be available to you from anywhere. Not only do your emails synchronize, but so do your contacts, calendars and memos, allowing you to enter a contact on your mobile phone and instantly have that contact in your Outlook when you get back to your office.

Spam & Virus Protection

The Exchange spam and virus filters are also second to none, using industry best practices and the most sophisticated filters available today.

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