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Branding is more than just a logo. It's the story and emotion behind it.
Brand Development

Brand development goes beyond just creating a logo. It's the story and emotion behind the brand. What it stands for, and the culture it attempts to achieve, to be unique among it's peers in the industry.

Our brand development service takes it a step further, with competitive analysis and marketing strategy. This includes everything from color schemes, fonts, marketing imagery, the brand initiative, packaging, stationary, email signatures and more. Bringing cohesiveness to all the various places your brand will be represented.

Logo Design

The logo is a strong aspect of the brand. Aiming to be iconic and memorable,
the logo usually stands alone but needs to say it all. We don't take this part lightly.

We will typically design 40+ logo concepts before we narrow down to one with the client. We then take the selected design and go through various color palettes, all while keeping the brand objective and story in mind.


Brand Video

The best way for a user to absorb information and to stay engaged is with video. Period. With the onset of social media and information overload flowing through the internet, these days you only have a matter of seconds to grab your user and keep them interested.

An eye-catching, content-rich brand video could be the best investment you make.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking to design a poster for a trade show, a brochure to mail to customers or an ad for a magazine, graphic design is the image you set forth that represents your business and can be vital to your sales conversions. Our team of graphic designers work with you to make sure your concept is presented appropriately and gets the message across in a clean, engaging and easy to understand way.

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To provided added value to our design services, Clever Spider® also offers a full array of professional printing. After designing the artwork, we are here to make the next phase easier for you by handling the printing and delivery of your postcards, banners, brochures and more.

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