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Managed and Secure Hosting in over 10 Data Centers Worldwide
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What is Web Hosting?

Many people are uncertain as to what Web Hosting is. Think of it as a place you rent for your website to live. After your website has been developed, it wouldn't make sense to place it on your desktop at home, because there may be certain software required to run the website, or with the hopes of achieving successful amount of traffic, you would need the appropriate amount of bandwidth, back-ups, maintenance, etc. This is where hosting comes in.

Private & Secure Hosting

While most web development companies use third party hosting companies to maintain the websites they develop, Clever Spider® has made the appropriate investments and setup the infrastructure to provide our own hosting, with servers in over 10 data centers worldwide, backed by some of the most advanced monitoring and security services available today.

This not only gives us immediate access to the websites for necessary update and setting up the appropriate environments, it also prevents you, the client, from being bounced around between your developerand hosting company, should an issue arise.

24/7/365 Tech Support

Our facilities offer 24/7/365 tech support, with several redundancies, backups and security measures in place to provide stability and 99.999% uptime. This is also the case with email hosting, which provides similar storage and infrastructure for your corporate email accounts; and with most websites requiring email confirmations and notifications automatically sent from your company email accounts, it is best that all three services (coding, web hosting and email hosting) are integrated and work together seamlessly.

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