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Custom Development

We build your website from scratch, without the use of platforms. Many web development companies utilize platforms because they offer rapid development with modular components and plug-ins, making it easier and more cost effective to reach the finished product.

What they do not mention to you, however, is that those platforms were developed to offer certain mainstream functions, like product catalogs and shopping carts, to the masses, but are not flexible to adapt to your specific growing business. It may get you up and running quickly, but as your online business needs grow you will eventually reach a point where you need a certain function that the platform does not allow and you will have to make a choice to either start from scratch or live without the feature because you are too invested in the platform. These platforms can also leave your website easier exposed to hacking, since the methods in which your website are developed are known and accessible information.

It is because of these reasons that we do not use platforms. We build exactly what you need, so you do not pay for modules you will not use, and you will have maximum flexibility to grow you online business as you see fit. It is no wonder why all major, successful companies custom develop their websites, without the use of any platforms. Remember, the word "custom" is in "customer".


Clever Spider® also does not outsource development, which means that all coding is done in-house.

This not only allows us to have full control over the efficiency in the coding architecture, but does not leave us and you, the client, vulnerable should the overseas developers disappear. It also allows us the ability to make necessary, and at times urgent, modifications to the code in a timely manner, without time zone restrictions.


Website development is at the forefront of all the services provided by Clever Spider®, and we take great pride in our long-standing experience and knowledge in this space. We not only look to develop a website for our clients, but to consult and provide strategies that will hel makethem successful.

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